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Cosmic Mother Healing Retreat VII

2. November 2018, 14:00 - 4. November 2018, 16:00

Sweat Lodge – Tantra Kriya Yoga – Sacred Plant Ceremony

This ceremonial weekend is a unique combination of three ancient transformational methods, that allows us to truly connect to our Soul’s purpose and makes deep healing accessible. In the sweat lodge ceremony we will be taken on a journey through the elements into the womb of Mother Earth, which we will leave new born. This gives us the chance to release toxins and leave behind everything that doesn’t serve us anymore. We will then align our energies through Tantric Kriya yoga practices, balancing inner masculine and feminine, circulating our sexual energy into higher centres , transforming primal force of creation into creativity, self healing and rejuvenation. Through group practices we open a heart space and create a trustful, relaxed atmosphere. That allows us to fully surrender to the intensity of the process of the Ceremony during the night, in which we receive healing lessons and blessings from the Sacred plants.

DATE: 2. – 4. 11. 2018

– Places are limited to 20, registration see below –

☽ Retreat program ☾

Opening Circle
Sweatlodge Ceremony
Tantra Kriya Yoga Practice
Biodynamic Breathwork
Medicine walk
Grandmother Meditation
Integration Circle

* The Seminar will be held bilingual german / english. You will always have the chance to speak in your mother tongue during Rituals

☾ About Facilitators: ☽

☼ Jakob von Recklinghausen, Sweat Lodge

Tree surgeon, father of two kids. Spiritual travel guide. Trying to use the base of my everyday life responsibilities as a starting point to surrender to divine plans. I hold sweat lodge ceremonies in the tradition of the bear tribe (Sun Bear) and bring in spiritual and psychological wisdom from many sources, such as: Yoga, Tantra, Shamanic Healing Methods, Radical Honesty, Sound Healing, the Work, Conscious Dance, Bodywork… Experienced in holding space and creating an open and secure atmosphere. I would like to help you discover your true inner self and clear the path to the full expansion of your potential while finding humble harmony as a divine being.

☼ Kachenka Foltova: Tantra Kriya Yoga, Biodynamic Breathwork

Rainbow warrior Free spirit, natural healer of many paths of life. Born in Czech Republic. Hatha and Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, Shiatsu Thai massagist, Biodynamic breath and trauma release practitioner, Reiki & Deeksha giver, Initiated into plant medicine paths with Huichol and Shipibo tribes. My journey has started 13 years ago in India by 21 day process of Deeksha, where profound healing took place and I was initiated as a Diksha giver into the path of a healer. Only after many years of working with energy, practicing and teaching yoga, breathwork and plant medicines, healing myself, I found a path of Tantra . The Ancient Alchemical path of transformation through the inner forces of life, which allows us to connect deeper with oneself, with others and with all forms of life. During the group sessions I share the knowledge and practices to purify, cleanse; tools to recycle our sexual energy, our thoughts, our emotions and beliefs. As we are recycling in our own temple, our body, we start recycling in our home, our relationships, our family and our environment. Tantra is a conscious way of living and enhances our interconnectedness with all. It teaches us how to become aware of energy, how to channel it, to raise it, exchange it and how to create with it.

☼ Ingo Armbruster, Secret Plant Ceremony

Learning from plant spirits since 20 years. Trained as a herbalist, naturopath and acupuncturist based in Berlin. Teaching Qigong and meditation. Since 8 years I am deeply connected to the Grandmother and other Amazonian teacher plants. learning from and assisting my teacher in many circles all over Europe the first years. Learning from shamans and medicine men and women from Southamerica, Mexiko and Europe and gathering the knowledge of different lineages, realising its all one …In my circles I use a mix of shamanic healing space with medicine songs and sounds as well as singing together as a group to elevate the energy, heal and celebrate our voices and make the circle come together as a tribe, as One.I am holding space and facilitating circles , mainly in and around Berlin and Bavaria, and serving this amazing path with devotion and gratitude. My intention is to connect people with their heart essence and the divine within with the help of the sacred gifts of mother earth.


The Retreat will again take place in a spacious Manor House (Gutshaus) in the Uckermark, that is surrounded by an overgrown park, trees, a pond and fields.
You either get there by car or by public transport. You will get further information upon registration.

Organic and vegan food will be provided throughout the weekend. It will be fitting to the Ceremonies. You will get more detailed information about your personal diet during the Week before, after securing your place.

250,- € incl. food and accomodation

For an intimate athmosphere, where everyone has their space and can unfold fully, the places are limited to 20. In order to secure your place, we ask you to pay 100,- € in advance. Please send an Email to for registration and all necessary details.

For questions and further information:

– Jakob: 0176-96910131 /
– Kachenka: 0151-24368042 /


2. November 2018, 14:00
4. November 2018, 16:00


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Brüssow, 17326 Deutschland
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