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Sound Healing & Sweat Lodge – Retreat

10. November 2017, 19:00 - 12. November 2017, 12:00

Sound Healing Weekend with Soundjourney, Voice-Workshop and Sweatlodge

with Joanna „Tuulia“ Rosenbröijer and Jakob von Recklinghausen

Soundjourney Concert by Tuulia and Jakob

Friday 20:00 – 22:30 h

With her angelic, yet earthbound voice, Tuulia accompanies you on a journey through inner landscapes and hidden pathways. With her nordic shamanic singing techniques, she creates a mystical, intimate sound space of both light and darkness, where the soul may unfold itself.

Jakob supports her and holds space for your journey with his open heart and awake mind.

By creating a trancive soundcarpet with intuitive singing, medicine songs and instruments like acoustic guitar, shamandrum, monochord and singing bowls, a space is created for you to connect to yourself. Physical relaxation allows the mind to relax and fall into meditative trance. The sounds carry you into an inner journey, by resonating in the cells, heart, body and mind. These are tools for Interaction with the deepest corners of the soul.


Healing Voice- and Joik-Workshop by Tuulia

Saturday 10 – 13 h

This is a workshop to connect and open the healing vibrations of one’s own voice. Through chanting, toning and other voice methods, we create a space together, where everyone may express themselves freely.

We dive into the world of our soulsongs, through nordic shamanic singing techniques like Joik, and Inuit throat singing. The aim of this work is to empower and inspire the participants and to help them to trust their inner and outer voice.


Sweat Lodge by Jakob

Saturday 14:00 h – Sunday 12:00 h

In the Sweat Lodge we clean ourselves physically and energetically und sweat out old stuff, we don’t need any more. The spirits of nature will guide us. Joanna will accompany us with her amazing voice. The intention of the sweat lodge is to liberate your voice and feel the cosmic harmony within yourself.

We will prepare the ceremony and light the holy fire together. In the night our dreams will help us digest the healing process. In the next day we will take up our footsteps and share.


The event takes place in Woddow, Sound-Journey and Voice-Workshop will be held in the Geo-Dome-Temple.

Food (healthy vegan local) will be provided throughout the weekend and is included in the price.

Accommodation is possible in the Gutshaus in heated rooms.

Please register at I will send you all necessary information.

Price: All inclusive 120 – 150 € (payable in cash on site)


10. November 2017, 19:00
12. November 2017, 12:00