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Winter Solstice Sweat Lodge (english)

21. Dezember 2021 14:00 22. Dezember 2021 12:00

Ritual Language: English

Due to high demand I decided to invite for an extra sweat lodge. This time in english. Exactly on the shortest day of the year, I invite you to pause and honor the silence and the void. The dream time begins. The old year wants to be digested and the seeds planted for the coming one.

We go into the lodge to cleanse ourselves, ask the spirits for support, and celebrate life. The sweat lodge is also a place to say goodbye to the past, invite in the new and arrive in the now. The ballast of everyday life may fall off you, old wounds may heal. You feel a special connection to nature as a child of Mother Earth.

The sweat lodge is an ancient ritual that has been practiced in many parts of the world by many different tribes and has come back to us thanks to the openness of North American elders. The sweat lodge is appropriate for all people and is used for healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.


We meet at 2pm for the opening circle. Afterwards we prepare the lodge together. In a common ritual we build the fire and bless the stones. Once the fire is lit, the power of Grandfather Sun gathers in the stones to later fertilize Grandmother Earth when we are in the lodge. In the end, we slip out of Mother Earth’s womb as her newborn children. Afterwards, we eat together to ground ourselves and rest. The next morning we start the day with the Cherokee Dance. After breakfast, we clean up together and end the ritual with a closing circle.

Please note: Do not consume alcohol or drugs at least 24 hours (3 days is better) before and after the sweat lodge.


Please bring some food to share after the lodge and for breakfast. From the time you arrive until after the lodge, we do not eat.


For the overnight stay the seminar barn is available. Please bring a sheet and a sleeping bag/blanket, there are enough mattresses. For the overnight stay the Ganesha-Hof takes 15 – 30 € according to self-assessment.

Please register by email to
70€ for the sweat lodge plus 15-30 € accommodation

70€ for the sweat lodge, plus 15-30 for the venue


Linde-Dorfstr. 40
Löwenberger Land, 16775 Deutschland
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