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Beltane Healing Retreat – Ignite the Fire within

28. April 18:00 1. Mai 16:00

*** deutsch weiter unten ***

with Jakob Recklinghausen, Zsófi Bodnár, Elke Urban

Beltane is the time of exploding life energy. The last buds burst open and everything is lush green and blooming. The deer bellow in the forest and the eagles circle in the sky. Beltane is the celebration of liveliness and joie de vivre. A time to gather around the fire and celebrate the abundance that is yet to come.

  • You will feel yourself as part of mother nature
  • You will open yourself to high cosmic frequencies vibrating in every cell of your body
  • You will fully connect to your liveliness and let the strength and juices rise up in you
  • You will be given opportunity for the healing of inner wounds regarding love, relating and intimacy

The Beltane Healing Retreat will be a space for connection, growth and eros. We will guide you onto a journey to your inner source, where pure life energy is abundant. We will nourish our bodies with fresh green smoothie from wild herbs. And we will nourish our souls with conscious relating and intimacy. We will hold a safe space, where everybody is encouraged to feel and set their boundaries


The sweat lodge is a powerful shamanic cleansing and healing ritual. A magical space opens up in the sweat lodge, where we have special support from the spirit world and miracles happen. The sweat lodge is a place to say goodbye to the past, invite new things and arrive in the now. The ballast of the past can fall away from you, old wounds can heal. You feel a special connection to nature as a child of Mother Earth. You grow roots and spread your wings.


At birth we begin to breathe and at death we stop. The breath is the threshold between voluntary action and vegetative function. Our life story is stored in our personal breathing pattern. Through the connected breathing we can bring memories and frozen feelings from the unconscious to the conscious to heal them.

We offer breathwork based on the BBTRS method (Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System). In addition to connected breathing (which is also used in Holotropic Breathwork and other breathing therapies), we use movement, voice, sound and touch. Based on the principles of bioenergetics, you can remove your body armor layer by layer in order to feel more alive in the long term.


Since Beltane is the celebration of pure life energy and and kundalini power within you, we will give space for your erotic being to come into contact with others. The love temple is a safely held space where you are invited to explore your boundaries and desires and connect on a consciuos level with yourself and others. Anything from meditation through cuddling and kissing to erotic expression is possible as long as you stay connected to your heart.


Forum is a therapeutic method of showing ourselves as we are to others. The loving attention of the group and permission to just be yourself is healing. You are welcome as you are. In addition, I accompany you and give you impulses so that you can get even closer to your core. If you wish, you will then receive mirrors from the group.


The trance dance is a moving meditation. Only you and the music and all the inner worlds that arise are present. You dance blindfolded and with a breathing technique that supports you to express what is inside you vividly and freely. You can dance out all feelings and tensions, ride energy waves, flow with the flow. Nobody sees you dancing and you are not distracted from the outside. A powerful process in itself and at the same time a suitable ritual for opening and arriving in your body, in your self and in the here and now.


Jakob Recklinghausen

Sweat Lodges, Breathwork Ceremonies, Shamanic Healing Rituals – this is where I feel at home. I love holding space for people to experience the world with new eyes and an open heart. Since my childhood I am deeply connected to nature and I have a personal connection to Beltane as a strong point of full energy. I have learned from different shamanic traditions and healing schools and follow the path of the heart, guided by the forces of nature and the great spirit. I am initiated in several schools of tantra and a highly erotic being.

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Zsófi Bodnár

Zsofi is a turned on woman, mother and community member. Through many years of her personal journey, she chooses to live liberated in her sexuality, in connection with the depths of her heart while grounding it all into matter. She is passionate about initiating, encouraging and holding space for others on their journeys of coming alive and freeing up into more and more of themselves. She has the unconditional acceptance and enormous capacity of a mother for being present with what is, and giving full permission to all that wants to arise, this leads to transformation, to more Life.

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Elke Urban

Artistic expression, extrasensory perceptions, consciousness expansion, healing and high sensitivity are the threads that have woven my life on a personal and professional level since childhood. Over the years I have experienced and learned different approaches of spiritual healing, shamanism, consciousness expansion, Soul-Medicine-Singing and process accompaniment. My intention is to open spaces that support you in the process of remembering the deep and pure essence of your being.

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The Retreat will be held bilingual english and german. There will always be translation where needed.


At the edge of the big forest called Rüthnicker Heide less than one hour north of Berlin.


We are provided with delicious vegan-vegetarian, mostly regional organic food. All individual eating habits (e.g. vegan, gluten-free…) are of course taken into account and must be specified when registering. Cost: € 90.

Energy Exchange:

First 6 tickets: 275,- € (plus food and accommodation)
Next 7 tickets: 300,- € (plus food and accommodation)
Last 7 tickets: 325,- € (plus food and accommodation)

Food: 90,- €

Accommodation: 60,- – 105,- € (sliding scale)


Please register by email to


Linde-Dorfstr. 40
Löwenberger Land, 16775 Deutschland
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